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Avec les baguettes de sourcier, /Communication with nature
Marché bio Paysans locauxOrganic market with local producers
/Tasting truffles toast
Dégustation de fromages de brebis/Tasting ewes cheeses
Huile d'olive /Olive oil
A la ferme avec les chèvres/At the farm with the goats
Chèvres /Goats
Vendanges /Harvest
Dégustation de vin
Bouchons en liège
Cave /Cellar



Consult the calendar of events for these activities.

With only the best local organic producers :

> Doing a tour to the organic market with only local producers 

> At the farm, for learning how to make your ewes cheeses

> In the vineyards to discover the work of the winemaker

> With an oenologist to know everything about the art of wine tasting

> Discovering the Olive oil, the green gold of Provence

> With a truffle specialist, participate to the hunting with its dog for the truffle, the black gold of Provence

> and also discover a full energy trail in a winery

> and many other activities... 

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