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A few testimonials -  Some comments

thank's for  the confidence shown and welcome to new  hosts!

Many thanks for the confidence already shown  and welcome to new guests!

Au marché avec Suzan Lee de Rio
Groupe étudiants américains visite domaine viticole
Avec des Etudiants Indiens de Bengalore
Une escale à Marseille avec Jeanny
Groupe de la prestigieuse université Chulalongkorn (Thaïland)
Visite commentée à Aix en provence avec des documents
Avec des croisiéristes américains et australiens à la découverte de la truffe
décembre 2018 cours de Bouillabaisse
Dégustations avec Amanda
Street Art
Visite et dégustation dans une cave

“Today I saw a remarkable city 

with an even more remarkable guide.

We saw most of the major sites and had also lot of fun.

This is the best visit that I ever did,feeling part of the city, not a tourist...I will be back ! 

Thank you, Elsa.” 


Doc. David S.C - Los Angeles 

 June 16th,2019 

An excellent day spent with Elsa! She provided me with many sights +  information +sought out shops for my items to purchase.Enjoyed a true typical lunch with aioli! Elsa was wonderful to talk with and I saw how proud she is to show off Marseille.

- Jeanne K. 

Minnesota,USA -30/09/2018

From Belgium to... Marseille!

thanks to  our enthusiastic guide, smiling, full of ideas and eager for us  make  discover and love its beautiful city.

Goodbye ! J. Brussels

June 2019

Expect much more than 

a provençal cheese tasting. 

Elsa, our guide and 

also responsible

for the concept of the tour,

is a food connaisseur 

as well as a passionate 

Marseille citizen!”

Suzan Lee, Rio de Janeiro

 September 5 th 2018

Thank you for this visit to the beautiful Marseillaise... We just want to come back... See you soon, I hope!

Stephanie for the team  designers  Cartier, Paris

June 6, 2019

“It's a very special tour  with a very special guide.  Everything Elsa showed us was delicious  and beautiful in its own particular way.  I would absolutely recommend this tour 

to everyone.  Made me fall in  love with Marseille!”

Sarah and  Hendrick, Berlin

August 14th 2019

The people were happy with the outing; the visit proposed by Elsa had nothing in common with all that we have already done in Aix, very very interesting and on points other than usual.

Visit "from the XXIst to Antiquity, the DNA of Aix" - 02/26/2019

Marie S. - Animator Marseille Activity Center

"What a nice surprise !

The route designed by Elsa allowed us

to discover our city by evoking stories and places, often unknown.

Finally, wine tastings, tapenade

and cheeses in a 17th century cellar were delicious. A great time to

unite the whole team! "

12/11/2019 - Stéphane and his team.

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